RPM is meeting in person!

For RPM we will continue in the direction of meeting in person with small groups requiring sign-ups. We will only have one time slot moving forward which is 7-8:15pm. Contact Chris each week to sign-up!


Be sure to check out Chris’ video message on Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life while recapping a previous RPM.

This site allows us an opportunity to gather virtually as a community and share faith resources with each other. Check out our Spotify playlist for some awesome music, our Instagram page for updates and inspirational content, and our prayer resources (below) for some great ways to use your extra time to grow in relationship with Jesus! Also, check out this Faith-in-Action List and our RPM Blog for activities to do at home inspired by our faith.

Lectio Divina/Scripture Study

NEW: Monday meetings will switch off between Lectio Divina and a Scripture study. They will alternate every other week starting June 15th. We will now start meeting IN PERSON with sign-up required. Contact Chris to reserve your spot!

Prayer Resources

Litany of Trust — This is a great prayer for a time of stress and anxiety. Let’s use it to ask Christ to deliver us from fear and remind us that he is the one who ultimately holds us.

Guide to Lectio Divina— What better time is there to dive into the Scriptures? This provides a guide to speaking with God through reading the Word.

Daily Mass Readings–Not sure where to start in Scripture? Check out the daily readings that our Church has given us!

Join a “God Group” to Check-In and Pray With Others Virtually

God Groups are groups of 3-5 teens who meet regularly (usually once per week, but now two to three times per week) to check-in with each other, build community, and pray together. If you are interested in joining a group, please fill out the form below

Prayer Intentions

Have something you would like us to pray for? You can send it to us here!

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